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About the artist

I began painting in 2004, just before I embarked in the Film Studies program at the University of Montreal. Although guided by plain curiosity in the beginning, painting quickly became an intriguing new field of artistic possibilities. I usually have more ideas than I can realistically bring to execution, but I try to be disciplined and paint on a daily basis.

My work as a painter is rooted in sculpture and design. Painting is for me no different from modelling and building objects in the physical world. I make extensive use of different colours, textures and geometry to give shapes a certain intention, direction, energy or personality, and I delight in the conflicts, contrasts and surprises that arise from the many parts of the painting, as if each shape strove to define itself and to find the perfect way to exist in relationship with the the other shapes and with the rest of the painting.

I aim for the beauty of universal forms, sometimes inspired by architecture, landscapes or biological forms. These compositions stem from a certain idea of the relationships that exist between the things of the world, be it nature, man or man-made environments. But my paintings can ultimately be tied to certain constructions of a more poetic realm, where they are linked to vague emotions, dreams and memories that would otherwise be very difficult to describe.

I have a Bachelors of Arts in Cinema: University of Montreal, 2007.

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